Meet the Amalthea Team

Amalthea Deli was created by two native Greeks who love Mediterranean food. John and Eva have been living in Yorkshire for the last 5 years. Unable to find authentic Greek products in the area, they decided to open their own e-shop and bring Greek flavour a bit closer. We are bringing the tastes you know and love from Greece as well as more unusual and unique ones, so that you can discover a whole new world of exquisite cuisine. Amalthea Deli specialises in delivering premium Greek food and drink to your door in the UK and abroad. We also serve retail and wholesale customers. Do you want more information on our products and Greek cuisine, recipes and diet? Just read our blog!


The Team

John and Eva decided to create Amalthea Deli with a view to bringing you premium and specialty Greek foods, which they love.

Nikos and Maria, in Greece, collect and store our products in the warehouse there and help us find the best products for our international customers. They are also in a permanent contact with our producers to assure the best quality controls are in place.

We are all passionate foodies who have a strong interest in international food. However, what we know best is the Greek cuisine and we want to share this knowledge with you.

We thoroughly research the Greek food and drink market to bring only the best products. Also, we aim to support small, independent producers who are known for their traditional and environmentally friendly production methods, as well as their delicious food and drink.

As we are always searching for new tastes, we can guarantee that our product collection will be renewed very often with exquisite choices of premium food and drink.

We aim for honest, long-term relationships with our customers, so any feedback is more than welcome. We are happy to answer any question! Do not hesitate to contact us using the following emails and/or phone numbers:

We are always at your disposal!