Amalthea Luxurious Greek Meze Hamper-Free Delivery

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This hamper is named after our company as it contains some of our favourite products. Distinctive flavours will remind you of your last holidays in Greece or will introduce you to authentic Greek flavours.

Three gourmet tapenades are great with just savoury biscuits or breadsticks or a perfect accompaniment to any cheese.

Extra virgin olive oil from Crete infused with natural sage is perfect in pasta sauces, meat or poultry stuffing or bruscheta. The extra virgin olive oil infused with chilli is perfect for roasted meats, pizzas, bruscheta or barbecues. It’s also an amazing olive oil for red sauces.

Roasted olives are a great meze but quite rare and so we added them in this fabulous hamper in two flavours: baslic & garlic and chilli.

You will also find in this hamper, carrot jam with honey and strawberry jam with mint and pepper (Great Taste Award 2014) and 83% fruit! Moreover, we’ve added a sweet & spicy traditional Greek spoon sweet (handmade sweet preserve with whole pieces of fruit) with black cherry, turmeric & black pepper which you can consume with coffee or add it to your yoghurt, cereal, pancakes or toast. A second traditional Greek spoon sweet is added with olives and honey which can be consumed just like the black cherry but it’s also great with cheese.

Last but not least you’ll find a handmade fig pie with ouzo which is great in any cheese platter but also delicious on its own as a healthy snack and an award-winning Greek honey (Great Taste Award 2012).

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Product Description

-Roasted Natural Amfissis Olives with Basil & Garlic 270g

-Roasted Natural Amfissis Olives with Chilli 270g

-Umami Olive Tapenade with Anchovies & Golden Currants 105g

-Rustico Olive Tapenade with Eggplant, Red Peppers & Capers 105g

-Olive Tapenade with Black Currants and Roasted Almonds 105g

-Extra virgin olive oil with sage-250ml

-Extra virgin olive oil with chilli from the island of Crete-250ml

-Flaming Red Pepper Dip/Spread (Great Taste Award 2014)

-Handmade Strawberry Jam with Pepper and Mint (83% Fruit-Great Taste Award 2014), 280g

-Traditional Greek Spoon Sweet with Olives and Honey 270g

-Carrot Jam with Greek Honey 270g

-Black cherry with turmeric, black pepper and Greek honey-280g

-Handmade Fig Pie with Ouzo & Pepper 100g

Fir Tree and Spring Blossom Honey 450g